Alicja, yoga teacher, meditation expert, psychologist, is committed to empowering people with the skills to transform their minds, bodies, and spirits. 

Interested in trying yoga for the first time or refining your practice?  

Alicja teaches a number of group yoga classes throughout the year in the Quiet Corner of CT.  

Teaching classes that incorporate Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa styles, she tailors each practice to the needs and ability level of the group.  

A Space Within also offers private classes
to individuals and small groups.

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What can mindfulness training program do for my school district or business?  

Numerous scientific studies point to the extraordinary effects mindfulness have on the health of mind and body.  

It enhances peak performance, builds awareness and attention, improves memory, and helps with decision-making.  

Alicja creates programs that will equip your students, employees, and leaders with the tools needed to achieve their goals.

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Are you an educator?  Interested in learning about stress management strategies and building resiliency? 

Teachers and students are under pressure to achieve more in the classroom, both under more stress and some close to burning out.  

Alicja teaches a course in  holistic stress management for educators, which includes the study of the mind-body relationship in stress and mindfulness based strategies to decrease stress and enhance well-being.

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